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Case Study: Meet Olive Yew!

OpenSky Featured on Internet Retailer

A shopping-focused social network tries a new sales formula Consumers viewing product pages on OpenSky have a 10.5% conversion rate. By: Zak Stambor  Managing Editor   OpenSky CEO John Caplan When a consumer visits the shopping-focused social network, she’s looking to browse or buy online, says John Caplan, founder and CEO of the social network’s […]

Merchant Newsletter – 9/25

Dear Merchants, I hope everyone is having a great week. Here are the important updates for this week:   The Data is In- OpenSky is just like Instagram or Facebook for shopping. When you Post you sell. Merchants that actively Post are selling 10x more than merchants that don’t post. The top merchants make 2 Posts a […]

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Need More OpenSky Stickers for Your Packages? Let Us Know!

We love seeing OpenSky stickers on the packages you send out.  We’ve sent out a ton to merchants, and if you need more or haven’t received them yet, let us know and we’ll send them out!  Email:


From John Caplan: Posts Grow Your Business

Our job at OpenSky is to help the world’s creative brands grow. In recent weeks we have made a significant step forward. We’ve released the the updated Posting tool.  Here’s why and how it works: Why:  The Posting tool makes social selling simple and fast. How:  Merchants make Posts from the top of their feeds […]

OpenSky Merchant Olive Yew! featured in the Charlotte Observer

Have you answered our Merchant Questionnaire?  It helps our PR department find great stories to pitch to press outlets.  Olive Yew! did and we were able to secure placement for them in the Charlotte Observer. If you haven’t, do so today.  A press opportunity could be right around the corner. Click here to complete the questionnaire. […]

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Case Study: Meet Funk & Fabulous

The Value of Posting: Sell 10x More

Did you know that merchants who post frequently in their OpenSky Feeds and push those posts to Facebook and Twitter sell TEN TIMES more than merchants that don’t post?  The numbers are in and they’re conclusive. Post to your followers today.  Offer a limited time promotion and push it to Facebook and Twitter and you […]

John Caplan for

John Caplan for Selling Online: The Bottom Line on What it Takes BY JOHN CAPLAN Focus on engagement and relationship building, and the sales will come.   The good news is that small businesses often have an edge over bigger brands when selling online–if they know how to use their size to their advantage. Even better, […]

OpenSky on

OpenSky on Check out this article published today on  Our Founder and CEO, John Caplan, is interviewed about how OpenSky is pioneering social commerce. Four Years And $50 Million Later, Has OpenSky Cracked The Code For Social Commerce? Comment Now  Follow Comments Caplan: “No one cares more about you than the person who […]


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