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7 Ways to Ensure Exposure on OpenSky

The exposure of your brand on OpenSky is directly tied to a few very specific factors. Learn them, and make sure all the boxes are checked. Product Requirements Quality product images  OpenSky sets a high bar when it comes to images, and that’s because it’s critically important factor in your success. We’re lookin’ out for ya. Members […]

Use Notifications to Spread the News & Drive Sales

The team at OpenSky has developed a variety of ways for brands to communicate promotional information to their followers. We ensure that your promotional activity reaches the shoppers that are most likely to engage with it (and buy) without drowning their inboxes and mobile phones with an overload of messages. Learn the different forms of notifications (both […]

Categorization: The Secret To Exposure

Categorizing your brand and products correctly is essential to providing the best shopping experience for OpenSky members. When a product is categorized correctly, OpenSky is able to expose your products to members with purchase intent for that specific type of item. In fact, in order for your products to be found on many of the […]

Site Upgrades: Homepage & Follow Stores Widget

This week OpenSky released two upgrades that will improve the site experience for shoppers. A new Homepage A new Follow Stores widget Not only do these changes benefit members, but also give brands (you!) more exposure on OpenSky. Placement on the new homepage and Follow Stores widget is based on the same algorithm that’s used to populate […]



March 13th marks the start of OpenSky’s 2014 #MarchMadness Sales Event. Use this four-day event as an opportunity to give your sales a boost. The Details When: Thurs, March 13 – Sun, March 16th Official Hashtag: #MarchMadness How to participate: Visit your posting tool and schedule a #MarchMadness post. That simple, that easy. How to Participate + Merchandising […]

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Create a Smart Shipping Strategy that Drives Sales

eCommerce experts agree that the cost of shipping is arguably the biggest factor a shopper considers before hitting the “Buy Now” button. As an online retailer, working to optimize your shipping strategy and costs should be a top priority.  Low shipping costs to the shopper means more orders for you, so it’s worth taking a […]

Here’s what the most successful OpenSky merchants are doing

The secret to success on OpenSky?  Well, it’s a combination of a few specific tactics that help to simultaneously drive followers, exposure and sales. Take a page out of the playbook of the most successful merchants by following the pointers below. Product imagery. First and foremost, ensure that your product images are high quality.  Top selling merchants […]


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