When news about the realities of working for Amazon hit the presses (the 16-hour workdays, the constant pressure, etc.), neither of your authors was surprised. Our family experienced a similar work environment in 1997 when Brad took an executive position with America Online. That was during AOL’s dizzying growth, just before the Internet bubble burst. […]

All merchants love the holiday season! It’s hard to beat the winter gift-giving holidays when it comes to filling their cash registers. Online sellers are no different, but the hectic nature of the season provides you with some special challenges. Have you found that during past holiday seasons, although your business hummed, your own fun […]

You’re ready. You’ve talked to your suppliers and identified new products your customers are sure to love this holiday season. Now that you’re ready to upload them to OpenSky, be sure to make your storefront as shopper-friendly as possible. Review Your Variations Shoppers expect to see every option available for a particular product in one […]

Holiday shoppers love free shipping. In fact, in 2012, 20% of them said it was the most important factor they considered as they browsed online that year, according to FreeShipping.org. And search agency CPC Strategy reports that 44% of shoppers will abandon their online shopping carts—potentially abandoning your products—if shipping costs are too high. Ouch! […]

If you’ve ramped up your inventory and added new products recently in anticipation of the upcoming holiday season, be sure to have the right packing materials on hand! Yes, you want to prepare now (before orders start coming in) to avoid a last-minute scramble. Here’s What You’ll Need The type of packing materials you use […]

With online selling being so competitive, especially around the holidays, it’s important to get every advantage you can. One area in which you can differentiate your business is returns. Beat the Brick-and-Mortars In fact, your returns policy may also help you better compete against brick-and-mortar stores, not just other online sellers, says longtime merchant Kathy […]

You’ve customized your OpenSky storefront, fine-tuned your promotion settings (and maybe even opted into the Co–Pilot marketing program!), and have stocked up on inventory for the upcoming holiday season. But have you applied that same polish to the descriptions attached to each of your products? Online shoppers only have 2 ways to learn about your […]


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