Expanding Your Reach on OpenSky

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for a great week!  If you didn’t watch the video posted Friday, be sure to take a look today.  It gives great information on growing your business on OpenSky.  We’ve found the bottom line key to being successful is to consistently grow your Followers on OpenSky.  Bringing supporters to your OpenSky store front generates organic traffic to your store which in turn produces product loves, shares and comments.  This will drive your brand to our Discover page and, in turn, will lead to sales.  Also, post to your Feed daily with great updates from your brand and anecdotes that will engage your Followers.  This will also lead to sales.  The data is in.  Merchants that are active in their feed sell 6x more than those who aren’t.  SIX TIMES!  So send an email inviting your friends to follow your store on OpenSky (be sure to include your store link) then go and post in your Feed to your Followers.  Make it a magic Monday!

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