OpenSky Merchant Olive Yew! featured in the Charlotte Observer

Have you answered our Merchant Questionnaire?  It helps our PR department find great stories to pitch to press outlets.  Olive Yew! did and we were able to secure placement for them in the Charlotte Observer.

If you haven’t, do so today.  A press opportunity could be right around the corner.

Click here to complete the questionnaire.  


Designer Angela Parker-Kennedy  started Charlotte-based Olive Yew  in 2011 after many years of working in corporate America in graphic design. She decided she couldn’t sit in a cube anymore and then took a metal smithing class and the rest is history. 

All of her jewelry is timeless and affordable with Olive Yew’s capital letter necklaces as a signature of the line.

Angela attributes one of the greatest reasons for her success to selling on OpenSky—a great way for small merchants like Olive Yew to connect and interact with customers using social media as a shopping tool. 

Once Angela set up her storefront on OpenSky, she has been able to interact with all of her customers  from Charlotte and around the country to offer them new exclusive designs and special discounts. She has now grown to 7 employees and has even moved to her very own design studio.

To help celebrate Olive Yew’s success, two winners will each receive a silver mini initial pendant in initial of their choice. SRP $40 each.

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