From John Caplan: Posts Grow Your Business

Our job at OpenSky is to help the world’s creative brands grow. In recent weeks we have made a significant step forward.

We’ve released the the updated Posting tool.  Here’s why and how it works:

Why:  The Posting tool makes social selling simple and fast.

How:  Merchants make Posts from the top of their feeds or from their dashboards.  A Post is a way to merchandise your goods to all of your OpenSky, Facebook & Twitter followers.  You can create a Post in less than 60 Seconds and in 4 simple steps:

  • Go to your Feed
  • Click on New Post
  • Add content / photo / video
  • Tag to an item
  • Create a Promotion (discount, free shipping, flash sale, etc.)
  • Share on OpenSky, Facebook & Twitter

Data:  Merchants selling on average of 55 items in the last 30 days made 2 Posts a day and shared them on Twitter, Facebook & OpenSky.  Merchants with zero social sales, made zero Posts.

Go to your feed and make a Post.  


ps.  You can see some cool Posts on this TumblrImage

John Caplan is Founder and CEO of OpenSky.

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