Introducing #followfriday

Introducing #followfriday

Every Friday is #followfriday on OpenSky. It’s a great way to recommend members and merchants that you think your followers should get to know.  
To participate in #followfriday, simply Create a ‘New Post’ at the top of your feed. When you get to the screen where you need to add in the caption, simply include #followfriday along with the names of members and merchants you’d like to recommend.  
You can include members or merchants by using the @ symbol, followed by their username. An OpenSky username is the bold section in the link below:
Here are examples of other OpenSKy usernames:
If you’re following these merchants and go to @mention them in the caption, you’ll see their names auto-populate  But if you recommend someone you aren’t yet following, you’ll need to search for their username by visiting their profile page.
Here’s a look at existing #followfriday posts for a little inspiration:

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