Best Practices: Passively & Actively Gaining Followers

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Grow Your “Reach”: Passively & Actively Gaining Followers

Like other social media sites, a key to success on OpenSky is making sure you’re always growing your reach. On Facebook that’s “likes” and on Twitter and OpenSky that’s “followers”.  Essentially your “reach” is the number of people you can touch with the posts you create.

So now you get it, but how do you gain followers? How do you build your reach?  Here are a few basic tactics.

Passive Tactics for Gaining Followers

  1. Add your OpenSky link to the signature of your emails
    • Every time you send an email you could be passively marketing to people, effectively growing your following without trying.  Just add in a link to your OpenSky page in your email signature and prompt every person you communicate with to follow you.
  2. Add a “social icon” to your website
    • Anyone who comes to your site is clearly a fan. Get them to support you on social media and tell their friends. Adding a social icon is another form of passive marketing, that can work for you without having to do much.   In fact, don’t stop at your website – add an OpenSky logo next to any place you currently showcase other social icons linking to facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc.
    • See how Hunny Bun did it:

    Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 4.05.28 PM

Active Tactics for Gaining Followers

  1. Post your OpenSky Link on all your social media platforms
    • Utilize your other social media platforms to get followers. When you post, give your followers a reason to also follow you on OpenSky.  Every merchant uses OpenSky a little differently, but here are a few common ways Merchants are using OpenSky.  By articulating the value of following, you’ll be helping yourself get people to understand why they need to follow you on OpenSky.  For example, merchants say,
      • “Follow me because…..
        • “I’ll be using OpenSky to exclusively release new products.”
        • “I’ll be using OpenSky to run exclusive sales. Follow me so you’re the first to learn about them.”
        • “I’ll be using OpenSky to sell exclusive products – items I don’t currently sell on my own website or other selling platforms.”
        • “I’ll be using OpenSky to share news and updates on our business, upcoming products and key announcements.
        • Take a look at the Pintrest board that Overstock Art added:

        Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 2.08.29 PM

  2. Send an email to your mailing list or add your OpenSky link into your newsletter
    • Your fans signed up for your newsletter for a reason! Update them on your OpenSky launch, and explain to them why they need to make sure they’re following you!
    • Take a look at Olive Yews email from last week.  There is clear value provided – follow and get access to some amazing sales – it’s that easy.

    Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 2.19.29 PM

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