How to use Smiles and Loves to Drive Sales


The easiest way to brighten someone’s day is with a simple Smile, so be generous with them!  A Smile is a one-on-one way to show your support for a person’s action, so when a follower loves your product, you should smile at that action. You could also offer up a comment in response to this action as well; we suggest something more substantial than a simple “Thanks for loving my product.”  Why not share an interesting fact about the item or suggest the most popular colors for the product?  It’s your chance to make a sale!  Use the commenting tool to engage a customer who has Loved the product and start a conversation; don’t be surprised if you create a trusting relationship with your customer that eventually ends in a sale.

At the end of the day, every follower you have is a customer.

Here’s how this action would play out in a real-life scenario: You are selling at a farmer’s market and a stranger walks by to take a look at your products. They pick up the item, look at it, tell their friend how much they love it…but then put it down and start to walk away.  Your first reaction is to smile and look friendly, in case the potential shopper has questions or concerns, but your smile doesn’t prompt any questions from the shopper just yet.  Before they leave your booth, you offer up some enticing information about the item they were just looking at…and what do you know, you’ve grabbed their attention, they trust you, and they buy the item!

Additionally, when you create a new product, it’s important that you Love the item and make sure that all of your Followers know that they should Love it if they feel strongly about it, too!  When you click that heart button, you share your Love in the Feed to all of your Followers, and all of your Followers get notifications on OpenSky that someone they are connected to has shared a new post.

Use your loves to spread the word to all of your followers and use your smiles as a one-on-one way to let someone know you support the action they took. Take the next five minutes and head over to your feed and start talking to shoppers!

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