Selling Customizable Products

Do you have products that include customizations like inscriptions or personal messages? Want to stand out by taking special requests? Activate the new customization option in your product listings to ask your shoppers an open-ended question as part of their purchase.


Activating a Custom Product

  • In your Toolkit you will see a new option in the Product Info section to allow Customizations for your product. (Step 1 when creating or editing aproduct)
  • Check the box, then enter a question or prompt for your shoppers.
  • You can turn customizations on or off at any time.


Customer Requests in Each Order

  • Shoppers must answer your question when they purchase your product.
  • You’ll see the replies in your order details and packing slips.

Buying your products is still simple.


Shoppers answer your question when they click to buy.


Their answers stay visible when they purchase, just like variations.


Order confirmations keep a record of their answers.

Update Your Products

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