Fee-Free Ranking Update 11/4 + New OpenSky Video

Only 4 days left to participate in the Fee-Free Holiday Contest!

Remember, through Nov 7th, Invited Followers count double, which means iIt’s still anyone’s game.  Merchants have made some serious headway in the last 5 days alone via inviting new followers.

The most up-to-date Rankings are listed below – see where you are and use the next few days for your last big push!

For more info, tips or trick on driving followers, click here.

If you’d like to use OpenSky’s new video, please do so by sharing on all your marketing channels.  Use it to build your following and help to grow our community!  Let’s show the world that there’s a better way to shop, and it’s called OpenSky!

Here’s the link to share! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hB4_yi1VT8Q

Rank Merchant URL
1 shoplulu
2 sugar-knife
3 bottledupdesigns
4 bootights
5 funk-and-fabulous
6 fashion-club-usa
7 baconery
8 soulku
9 pure-impressions
10 hautechic
11 paperscissorsrock
12 silver-continent-jewelry
13 lilywang
14 olive-yew
15 crazydogtshirts
16 whiteplum
17 savor
18 notsoapradio
19 httpwwwetsycomshopnotwallpaper
20 good-societea
21 lexi-lu-jewelry
22 the-alchemy-shop
23 belleza-jewelry
24 latikasoap
25 skinny-coconut-oil

5 thoughts on “Fee-Free Ranking Update 11/4 + New OpenSky Video

  1. I am not very competitive myself….Regardless, FASHION CLUB USA will be delivering great prices and quality fashion to all openskyers with free shipping … as always. Happy Shopping!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. So sad we don’t see our name in the top 25, but we are not discouraged! we continue to reach out for more customer loves and follows. One of the challenges for a small business is getting the product into the hands of the customer. For us, we find once they get it they love us and continue to purchase.

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