OpenSky’s New Video!

We’re so excited to share OpenSky’s newest video project.  It’s a culmination endless amounts of hard work from the entire OpenSky Community – OpenSky team members, Merchants and Members all helped to shape this amazing video.

Please use it to build your following and help to grow our community!  Let’s show the world that there’s a better way to shop, and it’s called OpenSky!

Here’s the link to share!

8 thoughts on “OpenSky’s New Video!

  1. I have loads of people on my friends and family list that will be missed if I can’t email this to them.
    I will put it on my facebook page but why no email?

    1. HI Karen,

      You can absolutely send this out via email. What make’s you think you couldn’t?


  2. If we post this and gain new followers for Open Sky, does it count these followers on our accounts or on Open Sky accounts? Makes a difference in the payments sellers receive.

    1. Anyone who joins OpenSky through your brands page will count as an invited follower. This is just the content you could send out. Include a link to your profile so people navigate back to your page so they can join and buy.

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