The hashtags you should be using to create posts that sell.

Alleviate posting fatigue. Use these hashtags to create posts that sell.

OpenSky posts are your way to engage members (aka shoppers) on the daily.  A great way to keep followers coming back while alleviating posting fatigue is making sure you’re creating posts that are valuable to the member.  And a KEY part of that is leveraging hashtags to add a healthy dose of energy and excitement into the post.

Not only will these hashtags help to give you more exposure (as all hashtags do) but you’ll help shoppers get on schedule, knowing when they should come back check out your store and shop!

Most already know about #followfriday and #sale (if you’re not up to speed have a look on our previous post that give you the 101 on Hashtags), but here are a bunch of other hashtags you can use to give members a new, fun and exciting way to shop every day of the week.


#manicmonday – use this when you’re sharing a sale over 40% OFF


#twosday  – have a buy one, get one sale you’d like to promote for the day?  Use #twosday to let shoppers know the product is a buy one, get one deal.


#humpdayhappyhour  – celebrate Hump Day with a Happy Hour sale!  Use #humpdayhappyhour or #hhh starting at 4pm ET on Wed afternoons and run sales that run through the end of the day.


#throwbackthursday – roll back your prices, and run a sale that gets people excited to shop!


#freeshippingfriday – Give shoppers an opportunity to kick the weekend off on the right foot.  Use #freeshippingfriday or #fsf so Merchants know that when Friday rolls around, the product ships for free!


#sales@sunrise –  Give all those early risers out there an opportunity to get their shopping started first thing on Saturday or Sunday AM. Run weekend sales created by the early riser, for the early riser.


#sundayfunday – Help yourself drive sales through the weekend – on OpenSky, Sundays are known as #sundayfunday, where Merchants share special limited-time-only discounts.  Give a healthy % off or free shipping, or both! Your pick!

General Hashtags

Here are some general hashtags you can use each and everyday!

#postoftheday use this hashtag is you’d think your post is the #postoftheday
#dealoftheday – use this hashtag is you think  your sale is the #dealoftheday
#followback – use this hashtag when you follow someone, and would like to ask them return the favor
#themoreyouknow – use this hashtag with your fellow Merchants.  If you’re helping another Merchant out via a comment, a post, etc. use #themoreyouknow so other Merchants can read up on the helpful hints Merchants are sharing with each other.
#lovemelovemesaythatyoullloveme – use this hashtag if you’re looking to drive up the loves on your product
#shopforacause – use this hashtag if the sales of your products support a charity

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