New Feature: Customer Messaging

Customer Messaging

Interacting with members is a key factor in your success as a merchant on OpenSky. By using the new Customer Messaging Tool, you can now email customers after they place an order to ensure a thrilling shopping experience.

This feature allows you to get in touch with Shoppers when you have important information that you need to communicate.  Here are some common instances where the tool could be a big help:

  • If there is a short delay on your shipment (i.e. less than a week), you may want to update your customer on the shipping status of their order.
  • If you run out of stock of a particular item, you may want to offer the customer a different item instead or if they prefer to cancel the order entirely
  • Sometimes a customer incorrectly enters their address; if you notice this, you can quickly message the customer to resolve the problem.
  • If you offer customized products, you may want to ask a customer for more details on the customization they requested.
  • Thank your customer for their order! Use this feature to send a personalized note to a customer thanking them for supporting your business.

How it works

On your orders page, simply expand an order and click the “Email Customer” Button found right underneath the customer’s shipping details.


Now customize the message you’d like to send to your Customer. You can customize the subject line, message text and sender email address.  When you’re all set, click ‘Send’ and message your customer!   And remember, responses from your Customer will be delivered to the email address you specify in the form.


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