Fee-Free Contest: And The Winners Are…

Well, that was quick.

24 days have passed and the Fee-Free Contest has come to a close. Aside from sharing the list of winners, the OpenSky team wanted to provide some other interesting takeaways from the contest. Before you skip down to the bottom, please take a minute to read.

First off, (and this may sound clichéd) it’s important to note that every Merchant that participated in the Fee-Free Contest is a winner. In fact, the community as a whole is a winner. And here’s why:

OpenSky Merchants have gained 65,000 new follows throughout the Fee-Free Contest. Merchants have collectively marketed this community to contacts EVERYWHERE, and in turn, that has boosted the awareness of OpenSky as a shopping destination for every Seller. In the end, that’s just the type of boost our community needs this time of year. This influx of followers is key to the success of the small business community you’re building, and equally important to the success of each individual Merchant.  

With the contest behind us, you may be asking, “What’s next?”  It’s time to take your new followers on a journey with the posts that you create and share.

OpenSky’s Ripple Effect

As we’ve mentioned in the past, increasing the number of followers is the first step in successfully tapping into the ripple effect that is OpenSky’s social shopping network. Every follower you have is an opportunity to reach even more people – consider it an “IN” with friends of your new followers. It works like this:


So that makes sense, right? Every person that follows you has a network of friends that they can share your products with. The more you engage with them via posts, the more they’ll share.  The more they share, the more exposure you get.  It’s the OpenSky ripple effect.

Create Posts. Engage your Followers. Watch the Ripple Effect happen.

Now that you have even more followers, it’s time to start posting. Post in your feed everyday – whether it be posts that feature promotions or brand building posts. Broadcast these posts to your followers all over the web – on OpenSky, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Keep your fans updated and remind them that they are only a few short clicks away from getting a loved one the perfect gift this holiday season.

And remember — when you broadcast those posts on your other marketing channels you make 100% from every item sold to the people you’ve invited (Not to mention the 10% bonus you make when that member shops from any of the other small businesses on OpenSky). It’s a win-win!

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 1.58.12 PM

Even though the Fee-Free Contest has come to an end, don’t let up now – with only 18 days left before Black Friday keep spreading the word about your brand’s page and products.

Without further ado…Congratulations to the 10 Fee Free Contest Winners!!!

Rank Merchant
1 shoplulu
2 crazydogtshirts
3 bottledupdesigns
4 paperscissorsrock
5 pure-impressions
6 funk-and-fabulous
7 soulku
8 baconery
9 whiteplum
10 savor

2 thoughts on “Fee-Free Contest: And The Winners Are…

  1. YES!! Thank you! I am so excited. And I LOVE this site. I love that I could wholeheartedly recommend people follow me knowing how much they would love OpenSky once they joined. Thank you!

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