Rich Pins & Twitter Cards. Make the most of what you’re sharing, only on OpenSky.

One of the key benefits of sharing posts via your Merchant Toolkit is the ability to leverage Rich Pins and Twitter Card technology we’ve built into our experience for you.

Both Rich Pins and Twitter Cards provide product information to the viewer wherever you share them. This is the information that’s critical in driving sales conversion from your posts.

Pins vs. Rich Pins; Tweets vs. Twitter Cards

Rich Pins differ from traditional pins in that they automatically include updated details like Product Price, Availability, Ingredients, Comments, etc.

Twitter Cards differ from ordinary tweets in that they showcase an image, and share more specific info on the product, brand and price. It even showcases the number of loves your product has received on OpenSky.

Where can I share Rich Pins and Twitter Cards from on OpenSky?

Pinning directly from your OpenSky Toolkit will enable your Pinterest and Twitter followers to see posts that include the data we’ve reference above – all the stuff you need to drive a sale.  They’ll begin to see all this info in their Pinterest or Twitter feeds. And better yet, everytime your pin or tweet is shared on those platforms, it’ll continue to share the same data with others.

Key takeaway: Use your relationship with OpenSky to improve your Tweets and Pins so you can make your social media help you sell.

Share Rich Pins and Twitter Cards via the Products tab in your Merchant Toolkit. When you go to your products page of your dashboard you will see all the different ways to share that product – Facebook, Twitter, Wanelo, Pinterest (or even grab a link from this page to create custom posts of your own)

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 12.50.01 PM

Once you click the Pintrest or Twitter icons, you choose the messaging you’d like to post. After that, OpenSky will automatically add in product details that will transform it into a post that sells.

Why did OpenSky build this feature?

Big box brands share Rich Pins and Twitter Cards and have seen real success selling on social networks. Now it’s your turn to join in on the fun, courtesy of the the rockin’ engineering team at OpenSky.   Social media has become the new word of mouth, so make sure your social media is telling potential customers the right information while it’s making the rounds.

Here area few examples of what Rich Pins and Twitter Cards look like:


Tweeting from storefront gives you brand info:


Tweeting from product page gives you product info:


Tweeting from feed gives you general OpenSky info:


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