New Feature: Push & Email Notifications

OpenSky Merchants have many different marketing, merchandising and promotion techniques available to them, but all successful merchants have one thing in common – – they are actively engaged in growing their business. They’re dialed in to the activity happening on their pages, and super responsive to each passerby.

Successful merchants don’t wait for sales to come their way, they go out and make them happen by engaging with their followers – whether that be through posts, follows, smiles, emails, comments, etc.

To further support each Merchant’s mission to grow, we’ve created new Push and Email Notifications so that you can keep up with your OpenSky wherever you are.

For example, the moment a customer asks a question about your product, you’ll receive a notification and be able to assist them right away. This allows you to provide the superior customer service and extra TLC that pales in comparison to the big box brands at the moment you have someone browsing your goods.

You’ll receive Notifications (Push or Email) when a potential customer….

  • Loves a Product
  • Comments on a Product
  • Comments on a Post
  • Comments on your Profile or Store Page
  • Follow you
  • Smiles at a Post
  • Mentions your brand in a Post

There are actual a few others as well, of which you can see in the image below. As you can see, you’ll be able to customize your push and email notifications specifically for the information that’s relevant to your business, and decide how you’d like to receive each type of notifications – whether it be via email or push notification (make sure you’ve downloaded our apps – iOS or Android

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 11.39.12 AM

If need be, you can adjust your setting by going to This is also accessible at any point through the main account settings functionality built into the top navigation bar of the site.

One thought on “New Feature: Push & Email Notifications

  1. Yay # you guys at #opensky rocked my world by filling in the blank or furnishing the missing link to what else Customer service Push .. love it and will adjust the settings to which suit my individual need to know; love that you did that : ) Thanks…happy customers = happy merchants : )

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