Best Practices: A Week of Posts

Use OpenSky to organize and coordinate posts across your social networks. Posting good content on a regular basis keeps your followers engaged in your business.

A Week of Posts

Plan your week to include a mix of posts that sell ($) and posts that engage to build your brand (+).

Monday – Post a promotion ($)

Promotions are exciting and reward members’ loyalty. Start with a new photo or video of your product. Experiment with discounts, free shipping, or both. Create urgency by reminding them of time limits.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, expand your repertoire to include a mix of limited supplies, free inserts, gift wrapping, and customizations.


Tuesday – Post a reminder ($)

Most purchases happen at the beginning and end of a promotion. Remind your followers when time is running out, so procrastinators don’t miss out on the chance to shop with you. Cross-post to your other social networks to bring new followers to your OpenSky.


Wednesday – Engage with your community (+)

Show your fans that they make a difference. Thank followers for helping you reach important milestones. Ask for – and reply to – feedback and suggestions. Ask followers to help by tweeting, posting, and sharing your store.


Thursday – Offer help and tips (+)

Post a recipe. Use video to share styling tips or create a look. Explain how to simplify your products’ care and maintenance. Suggest new uses and pairings. Share your passion.


Friday – Give an inside look (+)

Share an authentic peek behind the curtain, so your fans can see the elves at work. Showcase your people. Name names. What does your workspace look like? Your process?


Saturday – Spotlight a product ($)

Post a new photo and remind shoppers of an overlooked gem, a fan favorite, or a seasonal special. Bundle your products into new listings. Describe special features and details. Use hashtags so more people can discover you on OpenSky as well as other social networks.


Sunday – Share inspiration (+)

Post a quotation or inspiring image related to your brand. Tell us what gets you up in the morning. Remember the big picture. Have fun.


Along the way –  Message your fans ($, +)

Your greatest asset is a personal connection. Reply to comments. Welcome new followers and merchants. Have public conversations and encourage participation. Use @name mentions to directly connect with people.


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