New Feature: Schedule Your Posts

Use the new scheduling feature to plan your promotional posts for the future. It’s your new handy helper, working in the background while you’re actively helping shoppers as they browse, love and comment on your products.

Here are a few ways you can start using the scheduling feature today:

Schedule your promotions for the month.  With the scheduling tool, plan out your promotions for the month.  This leaves more time for you to help customers who are following, loving and shopping your products on the daily.

Schedule thematic posts, by day.  Try posting thematic content by day.  This is a great tactic if you’re looking to get followers to habitually visit your shop on a weekly (or daily) basis.  For example, the scheduling tool makes it easy for you to kick off weekly promotions by day. Perhaps you’d like to kick of #30OFFThursday where you offer one select item for 30% off each Thurs. Or maybe you’re more interested in launching #FreeShippingFriday.  Whatever you choose, it’s helpful to use this new feature to schedule posts and get ahead of the game. Click here to get some additional ideas for your thematic posts, by day.

Schedule Posts to remind followers of sales ending soon.  Remind followers that a sale is ending soon. When you create a promotional post, try scheduling another post to go live when there’s an hour remaining on your sale to create last minute urgency.

Important: Given this is the beta version of the scheduling feature, you won’t be able to schedule posts to broadcast on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. So for now, remember to broadcast your posts separately so followers on other social networks are up to speed on all the happenings in your OpenSky shop.

Here’s how to schedule a post, in 4 easy steps:


Create a New Post & Add a Promo.



Select a date for your post to go live.



Choose the start time for your promotional post.



Review your post, and schedule it!


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