OpenSky, Your Mobile Selling Strategy

Mobile & Tablet account for 60% of all OpenSky usage. With OpenSky’s Apps & Notification platform, you can engage and sell to the modern mobile shopper.



More consumers are shopping on mobile devices than ever before, and specifically inside mobile apps optimized for browsing and buying.

As a business owner, we’ve heard you repeatedly describe a problem that bigger brands don’t face: Consumers don’t want to download millions of small brand apps, and they don’t want you to message them on Facebook or Twitter when it comes to products and sales.

This means you’re left without a way to “Push” notifications to engage followers on the device – where they are spending the majority of their time.

Now you can use OpenSky’s apps for iOS and Android to compete in a growing mobile shopping world.  The OpenSky app is your app, and gives you a turnkey mobile selling strategy.  If a follower downloads the app, you can directly engage with them via mobile. And luckily, mobile stats on OpenSky are stronger than industry norms:

  • 60% of OpenSky usage is mobile (vs. 20% – the industry norm)
  • OpenSky members that have downloaded the app are more likely to buy. And when they do, they spend more

In a previous post, we outlined the newly launched notification strategy for shoppers. In order to maximize the potential of these notifications, get to know how they work. Here are all the actions that trigger a push or email notification to a member:

  • Follow a member
  • Comment to a member
  • Mention a member in a post
  • Smile at a member’s post
  • You ship a customer’s order
New Sale Email Notification
Here’s an example of the email notification that’s send to shoppers that follow you when run a new sale

Here are all the actions that trigger a push or email notification to all your followers:

  • Put an item Back in Stock
  • Run a New Sale**
Push Notification New Sale Alert
When a shopper follows you, they receive push notifications alerting them of new sales.

*Important: Each member customizes their own notifications settings, so every member’s experience is unique. 

**New sale emails are sent to users leveraging a proprietary smart algorithm that delivers notifications in the most optimal way possible for each shopper. This helps to ensure the right amount of notifications reach each shopper on the daily.

Right now, 1000+ brands using OpenSky have over 200 members/followers that they can notify through the app. Starting today, use the OpenSky apps to grow your business.  Here’s what to do:

  1. Download the OpenSky App so you can understand how it works and use it more effectively
  2. Start responding to members in real-time from the app so you can capture them while browsing your store or products. The quicker the response time, the better!
  3. Tell your network to download the OpenSky Apps so they’re connected to you in a mobile world. And make sure they’re following you so they’ll be alerted of your new sales the moment they go live!

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