#WinterBlowout. Don’t miss out.


January 29th marks the start of OpenSky’s 2014 #WinterBlowout Sales Event. Use this three-day event as an opportunity to move through your seasonal merchandise. Or use it to give your followers a fun way to shop in January. The choice is yours.

The Details
When: Wed, January 29th – Fri, January 31st
Official Hashtag: #winterblowout
How to participate: Schedule a post to go live on Wed Jan 29th using #winterblowout and a discount off MSRP of 40% or more.

How to Participate + Merchandising Tips

Create a post using  #winterblowout

Post about any of the products you’d like to showcase in the sale and include #winterblowout in the comment section. This ensures that you’ll be included in the main hashtag page where most shoppers will trafficking the site. It also increases your chances of being included in emails promoting this sales event via are automated algorithm. Read more about hashtags here.

Start scheduling your #winterblowout posts today to increase your chances for additional exposure. Early bird gets the worm.

Offer a discount of 40%  or more off MSRP

We all know how end-of-season sales work — you buy the end of season goods (that trendy winter jacket you saw back in Oct) because the discounts are so good you can’t ignore them. During the #winterblowout, shoppers will have an eye out for value – so do your best to give it to them. Understandably, this kind of promotion may not apply to all merchants, but if you can swing it, take advantage of the opportunity to drive sales. (there will be more sales events to participate in soon) And remember — try discounting from the MSRP of your product, and not the current sale price. This will give you a little more wiggle room with pricing and margin, while still providing value to the shopper.

Merchant Success Tip: Can’t afford to discount all of your products (and inventory) at 40% off MSRP? No problem. Create a doorbuster so you can participate. Run a sale at 40% off or more and offer limited quantities at the sale price. This way, you can limit the losses and risk, while still ensuring participation, even if at a minimum.

Don’t worry about credits

During the #winterblowout, there won’t be any major credit event that coincides with the sale. Yes, there will be select shoppers who have previously unlocked credits or new members who join and receive credit, but by and large that’s a small subset of OpenSky members. That being said, don’t spend too much time factoring rewards credits into the equation.

Best of luck finishing January strong. And good luck during the #WinterBlowout event!

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