Give Your Marketing Plan a Makeover

If you’re planning an event based promotion – perhaps a new product launch or a sale, it’s important to create a sound marketing plan that covers all phases of the promotion – the before, the during and the after.

Marketing: Before Your Event

What you do in the week leading up to your event will have the greatest impact on its success. During this time, do your best to exercise all channels of communication to raise awareness. The goal is to get as many people to “show up” for your event as possible. Here are some tactics.

  • Create an official hashtag for your event. Get this squared away immediately and choose something that’s short and easy to remember. Try to keep hashtags to one word, and less than 15 characters.
  • Create a bank of posts (aka marketing messages) that you’ll have at your disposal during your event. Create 10 differnet social communications and rotate them throughout the week. This way, aren’t scrambling for content on the fly and can guarantee the language is consistent and thoughtful.
  • Post daily on Social Media to prepare your audience for the event. Try a post early in the day, and a post in the evening.  Do your best to cast a wide net, targeting different times that your network is most likely to engage with your content.
  • Engage users through interactive posts. Ask your network to RT (retweet) or share your post if they’re excited for the event. Engage them. This prompt will help drive awareness to the people they’re connected to—your second degree social connections. Each time your network shares one of your posts, you’re exposed to new group of potential customers.
  • Leverage email. Whether it be via your newsletter or a personal email to your contacts, email is a great tool for driving awareness. However, do keep in mind that email overload can easily turn off users. If you’re creating a week-long plan, try sending one email on Day 1 and another on Day 6 to space things out; and be sure to keep your communication fresh. Sending the same email twice in a week isn’t very fun for the recipient.

Marketing: During Your Event

During your event, it’s all about awesome event kick-off messaging early in the day, and then continuing to engage users throughout the whole period of the event.

  • “The Rule of 3 Hours.” Marketing consistently throughout the day is key. Provide updates and reminders of your event every 3 hours. Mix up your communications with inspiring images or videos.  And share on different platforms. For example, Facebook tends to provide a better click-thru and conversion rate when sharing a link with a compelling image in comparison to other social platforms.  Similarly, Pinterest can be useful for long term marketing since content is accessible for a longer window. On the other hand, twitter —although easy to use— tends to be a better place to provide updates and news, and less of a real-time traffic driver. A lot of the consumption is done on the platform in a flash— it comes and goes; so use Twitter to converse about your event with fans, or deliver reminder messaging.
  • Share Social Proof. If you receive comments from shoppers, share them with your network so others are tuning in to your event and shopping with you! A simple RT (retweet) can accomplish this.

Marketing: After The Event

  • Thank your network. Share a thank you to fans, friends and followers across social media for tuning in to your event and sharing it with their friends.
  • Share Social Proof that your event was a success! Try sharing content that sums up your event and shows your followers how it worked. Perhaps a photo of boxes you’re shipping to happy customers, a note about the bestseller of the day or an update on the status of the giveaway you’re running.

Marketing: For the Future

  • Be sure to take a step back and review the performance of the tactics you used during the event. This will help you optimize your time in the future.  That means spend more time doing the stuff that works, and less time doing the stuff that doesn’t.

Try employing these tactics for any events you have planned this week – especially for those participating in the #WinterBlowout. This is a great opportuntiy to put a marketing plan into action that helps drive awareness and sales.

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