Every business has a story. A story that should be shared with world.

On OpenSky, the unique stories that are hiding behind each and every one of your logos are what makes this community such a thrilling place to shop.

The stories are what make OpenSky, OpenSky.

Today we are kicking off the #OurStory campaign, a way for you to share a behind-the-scenes look into your business with shoppers everywhere.

Use this campaign as a platform to share what makes your business unique. How do you source your materials? What ingredients do you use to make your products? How is your production process done?  Who are the people at your business who make the wheels go ’round on a daily basis?  How did you get started? Use the #OurStory campaign to offer a glimpse inside your business.

Here’s how you participate: Broadcast a post using #OurStory before February 18.

Here are some ideas of what to include:

Share the “Our Story” section of your storefront with your followers.
You can find your “Our Story” section by adding /about to the end of your OpenSky URL. Example: http://www.opensky.com/yourstorename/about. To edit this section, visit the”Appearance” section of your Merchant Toolkit. Add a video, add a bio–make it shine!

Kick off a behind-the-scenes photo series.
Use exciting photos to give shoppers an inside scoop on your business–how you make your product, how the business runs on a daily basis, new items that are coming soon, and more.

Share a video that brings your business to life. 
Create an off-the-cuff video that helps bring your business to life. Help people see the personality behind the business. Give them a tour of your studio, have them meet the folks who are shipping their orders. Make it personal.

Participate, and here’s what you can win.

All posts that are broadcasted (to Facebook, Twitter and/or Linkedin through the posting tool) using the official #OurStory hashtag before February 18 will automatically qualify for a Creative Makeover, courtesy of OpenSky. What’s a Creative Makeover, you ask? It’s an opportunity to receive photo edits, new videos, and copy assistance from the OpenSky creative team, to ensure your brand story is told in an even more cohesive way Here’s what you can win:

  • Creative Studio Photo Assessment + Basic Photo Package. We’ll review your images, help to spruce them up and even shoot some new pics that’ll make your brand stand out.
  • Creative Studio Product Video. Let’s find your bestselling product and make a video that helps drive even more sales.
  • Creative Studio Copy Overhaul. You’ll get expert help from OpenSky’s writers–a  complete edit of all product copy and a brand new bio.

Happy posting! Can’t wait to hear and see your story!

– The OpenSky Team

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