New Feature Promotion: Storewide Discount

You asked for it. We built it.

The first version of Storewide Discounts is officially live and we’re ready to celebrate this new feature with a two day event this week, promoting merchants who’d like to be the first to test the waters!

How do I participate?

Setup a storewide discount before Thurs at 6am ET, and keep it running through Saturday at 6am ET.

***Important: Don’t turn off your storewide discount at all during Thursday or Friday since you may be included in emails going out. Remember, west coast members may open their emails late in the days compared to east coasters.***

How do I secure email placement?

Emails sent to members on Thurs & Fri will be showcase merchants with the most compelling discounts, products and images.  To be considered for email placement, please email with the following information.

1) Your OpenSky Store Link
2) The percentage off your entire store that will be running all day 2/27 and 2/28

*emailing us to say you’re participating does not guarantee email placement but will put you on the list of merchants considered

How do I create a Storewide Sale?

Set up a Storewide Sale on the Promotions tab of your Merchant Toolkit.  Read this help article on Storewide Sales to see a step by step rundown on how to set things up.

Click here to learn how to set up a Storewide Discount

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