7 Ways to Ensure Exposure on OpenSky

The exposure of your brand on OpenSky is directly tied to a few very specific factors. Learn them, and make sure all the boxes are checked.

Product Requirements

Quality product images 

OpenSky sets a high bar when it comes to images, and that’s because it’s critically important factor in your success. We’re lookin’ out for ya.

Members respond to quality images – they drive more engagement (loves, comments, smiles, purchases) and also help to boost the equity of your brand.

Have a look at the Most Popular section on OpenSky – it’s full of products with amazing images because that’s what shoppers respond to.

Learn more about images that help you sell here.


Inventory is another factor the impacts your exposure. Products with little to no inventory have a high potential to sell out quickly, which isn’t a great experience for the shopper browsing OpenSky.  A best practice would be to get your inventory levels set to 5 or more so your product can drive multiple sales when given prime real estate in OpenSky’s shopping experience. When your product dips below 5 units, be sure to update/order/make/create inventory. It’s always a good rule of thumb to have 5 units available on OpenSky.

Product Type – Choose Wisely

OpenSky’s product creation wizard allows you to set up products in a few different ways. Be sure to choose the right option when you create a product to so it can get the exposure it needs to succeed.

Products that have multiple colors or sizes should be set up as a product with a variation.

Products that require free form input from a shopper should include a customization option. To accomplish this, check the box that reads: “Allow customization and special requests.” when creating your product. This adds a required free form text box to the product page that allows a shopper to include additional information that you need to complete their order. For example, perhaps you’re selling an item that requires a custom name or initials – if so, this option is for you.

Pro Seller Tip: If you’d like a shopper to select from a few different predetermined choices, be sure to create a product with variations and steer clear of trying to accomplish this by including a customization option.

Product Descriptions & Details

Product descriptions and details are a critically important part of the shopper’s purchasing process. In fact, products with clear and in-depth information convert at a much higher rate, which is why OpenSky boosts them on the platform.

OpenSky’s product creation wizard allows you to bubble up very specific product information in two ways:

  1. Product Descriptions – a summary of your product that inspires the shopper to buy.
  2. Product Details – the nuts and bolts about your products. This section is great to include very specific info like size, weight, materials, care instructions, etc.

When it comes to creating Product Descriptions and Details that help drive sales, it’s important to share info that’s easy for a shopper to parse through.  A quick copy/paste of a chunk of disorganized copy will help get info on the page quickly for you, but won’t be the best way to ensure the shopper’s experience is hassle-free. Don’t cut corners. Take time to make it the best it can be.


Take time to categorize your products properly. Otherwise, they won’t find their way to shoppers that are most likely to love or buy them.  In the end, this could be the make or break between the amount of exposure your product receives.  Make sure to complete this very simple and easy requirement as soon as possible. Here’s a post about why Categorization is so important to your success on OpenSky.

Brand Requirements

Logo, Cover photo & “Our story”

Your logo and cover photo are similar to the window display in a brick and mortar store. Without these creative assets, shoppers will have a hard time identifying with your brand, let alone trusting it as a place to spend their dollars.

Here’s an example of a business that’s made the most of their storefront, using the brand elements (cover photo, logo, welcome message) to create an inviting atmosphere to follow and shop.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.43.26 AM

Use the “Our Story” section of your profile to share details of your company with the community – where you’re from, how you’ve built your business and what makes your products so special. Add content like videos, photos or press accolades so shoppers can build a relationship with you and your brand.  With these assets in place, your store has a higher likelihood of being boosted into emails and into site placement.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.51.13 AM

Financial Info

OpenSky prioritizes merchants that have filled out the Payment section of their profile. This info is critically important to making sure fulfillment and payments can happen without a hiccup for the sake of the shopper. Without this info, you cannot qualify for placement in emails, or on the site.  (And you also can’t get paid in a timely way. And we really really want to pay you on time, and without hassle.)

If you haven’t filled out this section of your profile, please take time to do that today by visiting the Payments section of your store profile.

Thats it… 

After you’ve checked all these boxes, OpenSky will begin to work your brand into site placement and emails more frequently.

From there, you can impact your exposure with regular activity that drives the popularity of your brand and products.

Activity includes things like:

  • Number of Follows
  • Number of Published Products & the performance of those Products (loves, comments, purchases)
  • Number of Posts & the performance of those Posts
  • Participation in our rewards and free shipping programs

To learn more about how to get exposure, see what the best merchants are doing here.

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