Use Notifications to Spread the News & Drive Sales

The team at OpenSky has developed a variety of ways for brands to communicate promotional information to their followers. We ensure that your promotional activity reaches the shoppers that are most likely to engage with it (and buy) without drowning their inboxes and mobile phones with an overload of messages.

Learn the different forms of notifications (both email and mobile) and how you can trigger them to reach followers and drive sales.

Storewide Sales

There are many factors that come into play regarding storewide notification sends, however the most important is the discount amount. In order to trigger a storewide sale notification, offer up the best discount possible, as the savings you provide to shoppers weight heavily in the sending algorithm.

Power Seller Tip: OpenSky sales data shows that shoppers tend to respond (opens and clicks) to storewide sale notifications of 30% off or more, so be mindful of the value you’re providing to your followers.

Promotional Notifications

There are a variety of promotional notifications that reach shoppers on a daily basis. You can reach your followers via notifications by setting up promos with discounts, free shipping, exclusivity, limited quantities, and more. For example, run a sale over 40% off and we’ll tell your followers that there are big time savings to be had. Or run a sale on one of your best sellers, and we’ll be sure to let followers know.

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