Learn the Lingo: OpenSky Promotional Events

OpenSky hosts innovative promotional events in order to drive more exposure and sales to Merchants. These Promotional events are a great way to bubble up savings to shoppers, and as result, get repeated periodically.

The newly-introduced Pitch Your Promotion form gives you an easy way to share your Promotional events with the OpenSky team so you can be considered for placement. Before you submit your best promotions, take a moment to walk through what it takes to qualify for some of our regularly scheduled events:

1) Sales Ending Soon

This email sends at the end of each day and includes sales that are active on the site but ending within the next 24 hours. There are a variety of factors that come into play here, but products with the larger discount will weigh heavy in the algorithm.

2) Sunday Splurge

The Sunday Splurge is one of the most highly shopped emails of the weekend (and the week). If you’re looking for a great way to boost sales and get your product in front of a large audience, this is a great event to apply for.

The requirements are simple:

  1. Products must be discounted a minimum of 40% off
  2. Minimum inventory of 10 units
  3. Sale will last for 12 hours, noon to midnight EST.
  4. Only one product per merchant will be accepted

Apply now for this week’s Sunday Splurge.

3) Lunch Time Rush

The Lunch Time Rush is quick and exciting promotion only lasts two hours — regularly between 2pm and 4pm ET. Products must be discounted by 20% and sales must end at 4pm ET.

4) DoorBusters- #doorbuster

Regularly, doorbusters exceed a 70% discount in some sort of a limited quantity. Doorbusters are meant for exactly what they sound like, getting customers in the door. As a result, they tend to be products with a much lower margin – effectively a marketing expense to get traffic to their store.

5) Buy One, Get One- #bogo

Commonly referred to as a BOGO offer, Buy One, Get One free sales are a great way to communicate sales messaging that includes the word “free” – this is bound to get someone’s attention every time. But be careful – not every item is a candidate for a BOGO sale. Do people really need two navy blue winter jackets?

6) Buy One, Get One Half Off

The cousin of BOHO is the commonly used Buy 1, Get 1 Half OFF sale.  It has a similar effect on the shopper on the BOGO, and is a bit kinder to your margin.

7) Gift With Purchase

This is a BOGO deal in disguise, and with more flexibility.  Think for the shopper and give them the opportunity to buy one item, and get a little something extra as an added bonus for buying.  If you sell Pancake Mix, throw in some Syrup for free. If you sell a necklace, throw in an affordable pair of earrings for free.  Give shoppers the nudge they need to buy in the moment.

8) Storewide Sale

Our Storewide Sales sales data suggests that these notifications have the potential to perform roughly 4x better then an individual product sales alerts. A Storewide Sale gives customers more choice and selection, while still driving home the impact of a limited time discount.

Ready to participate in one of these promotions? Check out the Pitch Your Promotion form to get featured.

*It’s important to remember that standard OpenSky exposure requirements still apply. If you’re interested in what basic requirements are needed for a product to be promoted by OpenSky please check out this article.

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