The Spring Friends and Family Sale

The weather is getting nicer by the day and you know what that means: Time for spring shopping!

Many of our friends and family members will need new sandals, clothing, outdoor serving and entertaining pieces, and more. Let’s help our favorite people spring into the new season in style with a Friends and Family coupon code.

When you invite anyone to OpenSky and they join through your link ( they’re tagged as your member in our system. That means that this member and all purchases they make from you will be free-free for LIFE! (we even pay for the credit card fee!)

In addition, you’ll also receive 10% of what they spend when they shop from other merchants for the first year they’re on OpenSky (this comes from OpenSky’s commission).

So, you’ll actually be earning more money on those sales than you would have from your own website–and you’re helping to support another OpenSky business in the process!

Here are the details:

What:  The Friends & Family Coupon Code Promo
When: April 13th-April 23rd (leading up to the one year anniversary of the OpenSky marketplace)
How to participate: read below

Step 1: Select your discount and create a coupon code by going to your toolkit.

Step 2: Share it on social media sites and to your mailing lists. Tell your friends and family.

Step 3: Email with:

      • The link to your shop
      • Your coupon code
      • The discount you’re offering.

Then Merchant Newsletter scheduled for Wednesday, April 16th will include all of the Friends and Family Coupon Codes that merchants have created, to date. All brands will have one week to shop with these discounts from their fellow merchants. Do your part to support your fellow Merchants!

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