Updates to Storewide Sales

Storewide sales have become very popular with shoppers (and merchants) on OpenSky since they were introduced a few months ago. We’ve gone ahead and implemented your feedback and suggestions to make storewide sales even better!

Added Features:

  • Share Storewide Sales from the Posting tool

Storewide sales have moved! They’ve left the promotions tab of the toolkit and moved into the posting tool. Now, when you’re selecting a product to post about, you can choose a storewide sale too!  Once your storewide sale is active, it will show up  in the active promotions section of the promotions tab in your toolkit.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 5.32.16 PM


  • Broadcasting Storewide Sales to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & More!

You can now easily broadcast your storewide sale to all your fans! Make sure you have a green check mark next to your marketing channels in order to share with the audiences you’ve built. We currently give you the ability to share to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Time to make your storewide sale go viral!

  • Schedule Storewide Sale Start & End Dates

Just like individual product promotions, your storewide discounts will now have start and end dates. A great feature that comes with being able to set start dates is the ability to schedule a storewide sale to start in the future. Just hit cancel to end the storewide sale in the active promotions section.

Monday  5/12: The Storewide Sale Event

Now that you’ve seen all the improvements, let try them out! On Monday 5/12 OpenSky will feature stores that have set up a storewide discount. To participate, schedule a storewide discount at 25% off or more starting on Monday, 5/12 that ends in 48 hours. Please be sure to schedule your storewide discount by Thursday 5/8 EOD to be included.

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