First Look: OpenSky’s New Branded Distribution Program


I’m proud to share with you an early look at the first OpenSky branded distribution program that we’ve launched with LivingSocial.

This initiative is core to our mission of helping OpenSky entrepreneurs grow their exposure and sales–both on and beyond OpenSky–with the OpenSky Dashboard serving as your single, simple platform that you use to grow your business.

Distribution opportunities will be available exclusively for all active OpenSky brands only. Qualifying brands will meet our quality, fulfillment, and activity guidelines. I believe this opportunity has the potential to be substantial for those that are invited to participate.

We’ll be sharing more details with the whole community as the third-party distribution programs roll-out over the coming weeks, but today, please take a look at the first OpenSky brands on Living Social (you’ll see the friendly OpenSky logo in the right hand corner of these goods).

USB Surge Protector by Satechi
Always Cool Memory Foam and Gel Pillow by Comfort Revolution
FlipBelt Fitness Storage Belt by FlipBelt

In the coming weeks, we will roll-out another exclusive OpenSky distribution program with a national retail platform in multiple categories. The next partnership, called OpenSky Fresh Finds, will consist of a curated assortment of products from OpenSky merchant brands shared on a weekly basis. The assortment will be merchandised to a national audience via email campaigns, on the retailer’s homepage, and ultimately in-store in exclusive OpenSky Fresh finds displays.

Founder & CEO

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