OpenSky Launches Customizable Storefronts

OpenSky Launches Customizable Storefronts Powered by OpenSky

Manhattan — New York — November 5, 2014

OpenSky today announced the release of Storefronts powered by OpenSky, a new free technology that enables one-click launch of a fully functional e-commerce website.

“We are helping businesses grow by making it easier to sell online,” said John Caplan, OpenSky Founder/CEO.

OpenSky Storefronts are created in minutes by using product information extracted from the OpenSky marketplace. Inventory and product information are shared in real-time, reducing costs and time that merchants spend managing their inventory and product catalog across multiple channels. OpenSky Storefronts are free for existing OpenSky merchants. This allows businesses to shift money from web hosting and development budgets, to product development, promotion and marketing.

To learn more, please check out our FAQ.


Merchants: You will be able to claim your Storefront via your Merchant Dashboard.

Claim Your Storefront

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