Co-Pilot: The Numbers Don’t Lie

Get serious about your marketing plan in 2015. Just like Laura did.

Chances are you’ve seen mentions of the Co-Pilot Marketing Program in your Merchant Toolkit and the Merchant Newsletter. Maybe you’ve heard that it’s our way to get your products in front of shoppers on Facebook and Google. Maybe you’ve heard that any sale that results from a Co-Pilot placement is 100% commission-free.

While both those facts are true, I think it would help to take a closer look at a merchant who’s seen an amazing return of her Co-Pilot investment: Bottled Up Designs.


Laura Bergman creates recycled, eco friendly jewelry from bottles found in the dumps of wooded habitats and rural farmlands in the Pennsylvania Amish County. She does this in an effort to remove this hazard from the environment and wildlife. Each piece includes “The Story of the Glass” detailing the history and age of the glass used.


As a one-person company, Laura joined OpenSky in October 2013 and found some success within our community. However, like all small businesses, she faced the continual challenge of getting her products in front of potential customers.


Laura and the Co-Pilot team allocated Bottled Up’s marketing spend across different channels on and off OpenSky to optimize for the greatest return on spend.

One month after starting Co-Pilot, Laura’s sales were up by 241%. Visits to her store increased by 233%.

How’d this happen? The Co-Pilot team tried different outlets including Facebook, Google, OpenSky, retargeting banners, etc. Our proprietary technology quickly iterated and doubled down on what was working and turned off what wasn’t. In Laura’s case, the key turned out to be Facebook. She saw an increase in loves, followers, and, most importantly, sales. Bottled Up is gaining momentum and Laura has had her hands full fulfilling orders.


We’d love to help your business grow, too. Contact the team today to discuss the possibilities.

“I’ve been in advertising for many years. If you are scared about internet marketing, this is the perfect solution.”

— Laura Bergman of Bottled Up Designs