What is Co-Pilot?

OpenSky launched our Co-Pilot program in August 2014 to leverage our team’s experience and proprietary technology to plan and execute all aspects of digital marketing for OpenSky merchants. This program has evolved and expanded to include recommendations for merchandising and promotional strategy development. It is our deepest partnership between OpenSky and merchants. In just a few months, we have become a marketing and merchandising partner to our most successful merchants. Co-Pilot merchants receive substantial support and collaboration from the entire OpenSky team. They are OpenSky’s preferred merchants and their businesses are growing.

Co-Pilot is Proven to Drive Sales

Of the 7,000 merchants on OpenSky, approximately 250 have been accepted to participate in the Co-Pilot program to date.  These merchants include 75 of our top 100, and we are working to help them grow to more than $100,000 in individual monthly sales throughout 2015.

Exclusive Benefits for Co-Pilot Merchants

  1. Advertising Optimization: OpenSky creates, manages and optimizes the marketing of Co-Pilot brands across Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and over 7,000 publisher websites. We charge 0% commission on all sales generated from these channels. All of these activities are optimized to drive NEW traffic, followers and conversions.
  1. Preferred On-Site Promotion: Co-Pilot merchants are preferentially featured on the OpenSky Homepage, Top 100 Products, Landing Pages, Recommended products and all other merchandised selections generated by the OpenSky Merchandising team.
  1. Merchandising Email Promotion: OpenSky sends personalized promotional emails and Mobile App notifications to millions of U.S. shoppers every day. Co-Pilot merchants receive guaranteed preferential placement in these emails and notifications. Today, for every $100 a merchant allocates to their Co-Pilot spend, they receive a minimum of 1 featured placement. (Merchants must be part of the OpenSky Credits program).
  1. Followers: Co-Pilot merchants are promoted to our most active OpenSky shoppers and are part of the “Merchants to Follow” program aimed at new OpenSky members.
  1. Dedicated Emails: Co-Pilot merchants receive placement in our promotional emails, which are sent to our most active 50,000 OpenSky shoppers.
  1. Database Matching: Co-Pilot merchants can match their databases with the OpenSky database and have all common customers automatically follow the merchant’s OpenSky store. This has proven to be a very effective “jump start” to build a large and engaged OpenSky following.
  1. Notifications: Co-Pilot merchants receive preferential distribution of their notifications during promotional events. For example, during Credit Events or other special promotions, Co-Pilot merchant promos are pushed first to their Followers.
  1. Reporting: Co-Pilot merchants receive detailed store analytics that include analysis of the complete sales funnel: Page Views, Add to Cart actions, Social Actions and Orders. We sent the first version of this out this last week, and more reports and recommendations are forthcoming.
  1. “We do it for you” Promotions: Co-Pilot merchants can elect to have OpenSky manage all of their monthly promotional activity. After establishing a calendar together, OpenSky handles all implementation and optimization to meet your goals.   (There is a a monthly fee for this service.)
  1. New Features: Co-Pilot merchants receive “first look” at new programs as they are developed. These include Twitter Commerce, LivingSocial Distribution, forthcoming Canada and international programs, and new features like, coupons, Guides, and OpenSky Select “Voucher” events.
  1. Customer Service: Inquiries from Co-Pilot merchant’s customers are automatically moved to the top of the queue of customer inquiries. We have put a dedicated team in place to manage these relationships.

How does Co-Pilot Work?

All OpenSky merchants are eligible to apply to be part of the Co-Pilot program. Application is free. Merchants who are accepted into Co-Pilot must allocate a minimum of $500 a month to marketing their goods off OpenSky and are expected to collaborate with us on promotions and events.

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