Holiday Series: Make Your Listings Buyer-Friendly

blog-holiday-variationsYou’re ready. You’ve talked to your suppliers and identified new products your customers are sure to love this holiday season. Now that you’re ready to upload them to OpenSky, be sure to make your storefront as shopper-friendly as possible.

Review Your Variations

Shoppers expect to see every option available for a particular product in one place—so it’s important to have every size, color or pattern for a particular product set up within the same listing. Follow this tutorial to set up variations.

If your product comes in different colors or patterns, it may be not be perfectly clear which label refers to which product. For example, if you’re selling a shirt that comes in shades of blue called Sky and Navy, you want it to be perfectly clear that Sky is light blue and Navy is dark blue. Make this process easier by assigning specific photos to each variation. As a shopper selects each variation, the featured photo will change accordingly.

Customized Products? We’ve Got You Covered!

But variations don’t work for everything. If you sell customized products with monograms, names or color combinations, then Customization fields are the way to go. You can enable this field on the “Product Info” page and include text about what information you need from your shoppers.

Tip: There is a limit to the number of variations a product can have. If you find yourself with a product that has a ton of variations—maybe a necklace where a shopper can choose an initial for a pendant as well as one of 10 gemstone charms—using customization will work best.

Check out this tutorial for more info on setting up the Customization field.

Put on Your Sorting Hat

Retail stores are constantly rearranging their displays to keep customers interested, and OpenSky allows you to do that, too. Put different products in your top 10 for a few different reasons:

  • If you’re enrolled in the Co-Pilot marketing program or opted in to certain promotions, featured products will be chosen from this top 10.
  • Place your top sellers at the forefront to continue to drive sales toward your known winners.
  • Use those coveted top spots for products that you’re almost out of so you can make way for new items next season.
  • Feature items that are overstocked and taking over your warehouse in order to clear them out.

Read more about sorting products within your OpenSky storefront.

By using these features you make it easier for your shoppers to help themselves, leaving you more time to fulfill orders and meet shipping deadlines. Happy selling!

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