The New Features You Want, Image Variations, Easier Imports & More

Results Are In! See the New Features Everyone Wants. Plus, Image Variations, Easier Imports & More

Images for Your Variations

Easier bulk edits and imports, plus your feature requests

It’s official: The holidays are here. To get you ready, we’ve improved the buying experience for products with variations, simplified imports and product updates, and we’ve started to evaluate your feedback to see what features and stats we’ll add to your Merchant Toolkit Dashboard.

See details below.

Show off that red dress

Sell products with variations? For instance, a great dress that comes in a breathtaking red and a sophisticated black? Wish shoppers could see an image of each color option when they click on one? Now they can when you import products using a CSV file.

It’s as easy as adding a “1” (without the quotes) to your data file. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Enter your product data into your CSV file.
  2. Include the image URLs for the product in the (a) parent row.
  3. Enter a “1” (without the quotes) in the child row under the (b, c, d) appropriate image URL.

4. Submit your file and you’re all set. Your variations will display the appropriate image.

Shoppers are sure to love this new feature, so be sure to use it!

Importing & editing just got easier

To simplify product management, we recently updated the importing process and the “Bulk Edit” page.

Now you can import and edit products using the same CSV file on both your “Bulk Edit” page and through a generic CSV import. You can also adjust your inventory levels by downloading an Inventory Management File of your products from the “Bulk Edit” page, making your changes and submitting your file to OpenSky.

The Inventory Management File is a simplified CSV file that contains all of your OpenSky products but only the SKU, Title, Quantity and Price fields for those items. We think this should make inventory updates even easier.

You’ll also notice improvements to imports from other sites. Before, imports from Shopify, Etsy, Bigcommerce and/or Big Cartel, only brought in new products. They didn’t change items you had on those sites and on OpenSky. Not anymore. Now when you run an import from any of those sites, any products on the third-party site that also lives on OpenSky will be updated!

The new features you want

Finally, in our last newsletter we asked you to tell us what you wanted to see on your Merchant Toolkit Dashboard as we start to reimagine it. 60 of you responded. Here are your top requests, the features and stats you like from other sites that you want added to OpenSky, and what we’re working on now.

Top requests

  • A snapshot of how your store is doing today
  • Sales numbers, both in terms of dollar amount and popular products
  • Stats on how many people are looking at your products, adding them to their carts, and checking out (or abandoning their carts)
  • Clearer payment information, including your next payment amount and date, as well as commissions and fees
  • A way to see new product reviews and reply to them
  • For Co-Pilo participants: a daily snapshot of ad spend and ROAS

We’re working to add this information before the holiday sales rush. We’ll upgrade the Dashboard a little at a time in the coming weeks, so you get each improvement as quickly as possible.

We also heard some requests to bring back the old feed-based Dashboard, including options to comment and smile at customers, and to bring back the old Posting Tool. While we hated to see the old feed go, our original findings are holding up: Overall, shoppers browse more of your promotions and buy more from the new OpenSky home page experience than they did on the old feed. So we’re not going to bring back the old feed at this time.

One of the great things about this survey was that we found we’re already working on some of the features you’d like to see. These include:

  • Displaying prices before and after promo discounts are applied
  • Adding SKUs in the product grid
  • Searching for orders by name and products
  • An option to “clone” or refresh existing promo

Thanks for all of your input. We’ll use it to rework the Dashboard to best suit your needs. Stay tuned!

Upcoming promotions

  • Friday, November 6, to Sunday, November 8: 25% Off Coupon Code Event

To participate in this event, visit the “Settings” section of your “Marketing” tab and set your Coupon Code ceiling to at least 25%. You can see all of our upcoming promos on our Merchant Calendar.

Note: All events on the Merchant Calendar are subject to change.

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