Estimated Ship Time Only for Custom Items, Shipping Performance Explained, Cyber Sales, & More

Estimated Ship Time Only for Custom Items, Your Shipping Performance, Cyber Sales Opt-in Deadline Extended, & More

Estimated Ship Time Only For Custom Products

Plus what your shipping stats mean, Cyber Sales promos & more

We’ve been busy making our final enhancements before the big holiday shopping season starts. Wondering why your products don’t show estimated ship times anymore or what your shipping stats mean? Read on to find out.

Plus, see the other site cleanups we performed and our new deadline to participate in our Cyber Sales promos.

Estimated ship time only for custom items

As of Tuesday, you can only specify estimated ship times for custom or made-to-order products. This aligns order fulfillment with our Merchant Quality of Service Agreements, which launched on September 1.

With this change, shoppers will only see estimated ship times on custom and made-to-order items. Normal products will display a standard message telling them the item usually ships in 4 business days.

We show this message because the Quality of Service Agreements state that your products must be

  1. Processed within 2 business days of the order being placed
  2. Scanned at a shipping center within 2 business days of being marked “processed”
  3. Delivered to the shopper within 10 business days

The only exception is custom and made-to-order products, which don’t have to comply with rules 1 and 2, but they must be delivered within 15 business days regardless of estimated ship time.

Mark your products “custom” to avoid affecting your shipping stats, which we’ll discuss later, and incurring penalties.

How to mark products ‘custom’

Be sure to review your products to ensure all items that are custom or made-to-order are designated as such. You can do this for individual products in the “Shipping” section of your listing above the “Return Policy” section.

Once you click that box, you can enter a customization prompt for shoppers (if desired) and select your estimated ship time.

If you need to update lots of products, you’ll want to do a Bulk Edit. To do that:

1. Go to your “Bulk Edit” page in your Merchant Toolkit.

2. Click the “Download Full Product File” button.

3. Go to your Dashboard.

4. Click on your CSV file and open it.

5. Enter “1” (without the quotes) for items you want to designate as custom or made-to-order under the “Is Made-to-Order” heading.

6. Save your file.

7. Return to the “Bulk Edit” page and reimport your file.

If you’re a Co-Pilot merchant, your account manager is here if you need any assistance.

Shipping stats debut

Ensuring your products are classified correctly (custom or non-custom) will help your shipping performance, which you can now see on your “Orders” page. That page contains shipping stats for the orders you’ve received in the past 30 days.

You’ll notice stats on:

  • Average time to process orders
  • Average time in processing
  • Average delivery time

Average Time to Process = The time between when an order was placed and when it was marked “processed,” or when the shipping label for that order was requested.

Average Time in Processing = The time between when an order was marked “processed” or a shipping label was requested and when the order was actually shipped. This means picked up and scanned by a shipping carrier.

Average Delivery Time = The time between when an order was placed and when it was delivered.

You’ll also see an estimated delinquency stat. It shows the percentage of orders that were in each state longer than allowed. (Remember that all non-custom orders must be marked “processed” within 2 business days of the order being placed and scanned at a shipping center within 2 business days of that—and they must be delivered within 10 business days of being ordered.)

Custom or made-to-order products must be delivered within 15 business days of the order being placed regardless of the estimated ship time.

You should aim for a 0% delinquency rate, especially as we head into the holiday season and shoppers are eager to get their items in time for Christmas. Doing so will also help you avoid penalties.

Get more information about your shipping performance in our Help Center.

More fixes

Our updates this week also included several little changes that we think will make things run smoother, including:

A low-stock alert for shoppers: Shoppers will now see if you have less than 5 of an item in stock when something’s in their carts, which should increase their urgency to buy.

Automatic calculation: Before, when you created a promo, you could see what the price would be after the promo was applied. We took that function away, but now it’s back!

Better filtering: When you filter products by Drafts and delete a listing, you’ll now continue viewing only your Drafts. Before, this used to reset the filter and showed you all your products. We learned about this issue from our recent merchant survey. Thanks for the heads up and keep sending us your feedback!

Messaging that’s on point: Before, when you created an item-specific promotion and shared it through email, the text of that email mistakenly referred to it as a “storewide” promo. That messaging has been fixed.

We’ll introduce more enhancements to our order management pages after Cyber Monday.

You can still opt in to Cyber Sales promos

Lastly, we’ve extended the deadline to opt in to Credits and Sitewide Coupon Codes to be included in our Cyber Sales, which start November 23 and run through Cyber Monday, November 30.

You now have until November 20. Be sure to opt in today, so we can include your products in our events, potentially placing them in dedicated promo emails and landing pages!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Visit the “Settings” section of your “Marketing” tab.
  2. Set your Credit ceiling to at least 30% to ensure your products are eligible for all our Cyber Sales Credit Events.
  3. Set your Sitewide Coupon Code ceiling to at least 40% to be included in both our 30% off Coupon Code Events and our huge Black Friday 40% Off Coupon Code Event. (Note: Setting your limit to 40% means your products will only be 40% off for our Black Friday Event, not any time before or after that during our Cyber Sales.)
  4. Save your settings.

Upcoming promotions

  • November 23: Sale on Sale Credit Event
  • November 24: Flash $31 Credit Event
  • November 25: Half Off Sale. Items 50% off MSRP or more (when Credits are applied) will be included in this sitewide event
  • November 26, Thanksgiving: 30% Off Coupon Code Event
  • November 27, Black Friday: 40% Off Coupon Code Event
  • November 28, Small Business Saturday: 30% Off Coupon Code Event
  • November 29, Cyber Sunday: $150 Credit Event
  • November 30, Cyber Monday: $250 Credit Event

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