Best. Year. EVER. Tips on Keeping the Holiday Sales Momentum Going & More


Reboot, Refresh and Get Set up for Success.

January is the perfect time to clean house and update your products to ensure they’re accurate, geared toward popular categories (like health, fitness and home organization), and competitively priced. Not sure where to start? Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you’re putting your best products (and prices) forward in the new year:

  • Are all your holiday-themed products unpublished?
  • Is your product assortment seasonally relevant?
  • Do your listings include a short, concise title, lifestyle images, and a compelling description?
  • Are your listings well stocked?
  • Have you updated your max discount lately?

By putting your products to the test, you’ll ensure you’re offering in-stock items shoppers are looking for at prices they can’t resist. Plus, by driving up your max discount, you’ll have a better chance at more exposure on the OpenSky marketplace and in shopper emails.

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