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Attention Business Owners: Boost Is Coming out of Beta!

Next week, we’re inviting all Pro Merchants to join the Boost program, our easy and cost-effective new solution to instantly increase traffic. Signing up for Boost gives you prominent merchandising placement on the OpenSky website, in emails, and in our app.

You can sign up for your first Boost for as little as $300 and start driving traffic to your products. When your budget runs out and it’s time to renew your Boost, we’ll let you know—or you can renew automatically.

Keep an eye out for your invitation next week, and find more information in the Toolkit. If you’re interested in Boost but still using the Starter plan, upgrade your account today so you can take advantage of our advanced marketing solutions.

Now Available: New and Improved Product Data File Processing

Do you use data files to bulk edit your product information or add new products? We recently launched our new data file processing system and data file format.

The new file format supports more product information and simplifies how variations are provided. Imports are processed faster and you’ll find detailed information about each import, including easy-to-read error reports, on our new Import History page.

Note: As part of the update, we will discontinue support for our old data file format on March 1, 2017.

Read more about our new and improved data file processing or Contact Us if you have any questions. We’d love to hear your feedback on this important product update.

Now Available: Use Google Product Files with OpenSky

You can now use Google Product Files to add and update products on OpenSky. Save time and resources by importing your existing Google Product Files (used with Google Shopping and various other marketing vendors) into OpenSky.

Imports are supported through both your merchant account and OpenSky FTP. Learn more about importing products using a Google Product File.

Coming Soon: Product Deletions

One of our frequently-requested features is coming very soon: the ability to delete published products!

Coming Soon: Better Control for ShipStation and ShipWorks Integrations

Our integrations with ShipStation and ShipWorks are popular tools for streamlining order management and shipping. We’ll soon allow these integrations to be activated, updated and disabled from your merchant account.