How to Stop Negative Self-Talk

negative-self-talk-os-blogDo you see failure lurking behind every corner?

If so, there are two issues at play. First: negative self-talk. Second: what psychologists call catastrophizing or thinking that something is far worse that it is.

We catastrophize and are negative self-talkers, ourselves. As a small-business owner, if you are, too, you’re less effective. Your creativity drags like molasses in winter and your overall output drops, too.

To help, we spoke with psychologists and other therapists for advice on dealing with these issues.

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Be of Good Cheer: Affirmations for busy holiday sellers

Yogood-cheer-osu’re going, going, going all through the busy holiday season. If sales are up and your process is running smoothly, you surely have a friendly wind at your back.

But what if things are a bit bumpy? What if you’re working yourself in circles but aren’t getting the results you want? When failed expectations combine with the holiday flurry, you could be in danger of going full-on Scrooge before the season is over.

Relax, and remind yourself of a few things that will prove you’re doing better than you realize and that you’re in full control. Here are some happy thoughts, if you will, that you should run through your mind during this most challenging season of the year.

“I’m using a schedule to use the time as best I can.”

One of the most common stresses of the season is the demand on time. You’re working to an immovable date (for whatever it is you celebrate), and there’s no rescheduling it.

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Fall Back–You Deserve It

Above view of happy parents having fun with their children during autumn. They are lying down in heal of autumn leaves and looking at camera.The leaves are turning, the air is crisp and the dog days of summer are finally behind you. When spring sprung, you leaped into action to promote your goods. When summer sailed in, you broke a sweat to buoy your business.

Now that fall is here, can you really fall back for a moment before the start of the holiday season?

Of course you can, and you can get the respite you need without worrying you’re neglecting work. Breaks in your activity are not just refreshing, they’re required.

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Lessons To Work By

Shot of two beautiful woman working in a clothing boutique

When news about the realities of working for Amazon hit the presses (the 16-hour workdays, the constant pressure, etc.), neither of your authors was surprised. Our family experienced a similar work environment in 1997 when Brad took an executive position with America Online.

That was during AOL’s dizzying growth, just before the Internet bubble burst. We learned some of our most valuable business lessons in those years, and those lessons have informed our business perspectives to this day.

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