Twitter Buy Now: Turn Your Followers into Buyers

Twitter Buy Now ProgramExpand Your Reach & Allow Shoppers to Buy Directly from Your Tweets

Through our integration with Twitter’s Buy Now program, shoppers can discover and buy your products directly from your tweets.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, tweet!

Selling your products on Twitter allows you to easily distribute your products on a whole new platform. Instead of simply promoting or talking about your products on Twitter, you can now eliminate an extra step for your customers by allowing them to immediately buy your products from your tweets with just a couple taps.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a Post on OpenSky to share your product and/or promotion.
  2. Share that Post on Twitter with 1 click.
  3. Your followers buy your product right on Twitter.
  4. You manage the order on OpenSky and ship your product.

It’s that simple!

If you haven’t given this a try, email us at to learn more.

Happy tweeting!

Are You Reaching Your Promoting Potential?

Are you reaching your promoting potential?Instantly Increase Your Sales Potential By Promoting Regularly

Did you know you have free and easy marketing tools right at your fingertips? In your Merchant Toolkit, you can create Posts, coupon codes, storewide discounts and opt in to our highly successful Credit Rewards Program. Whether you’re a brand new merchant (welcome!) or an experienced seller, it’s important to brush up on the many ways you can instantly increase your sales potential and ensure you’re maximizing your reach on a regular basis.

Here are some easy ways to take advantage of your built-in marketing tools:

The Credit Rewards Program: Hands-Free Marketing

Make sure you’ve opted in to the Credit Rewards Program! Join other successful merchants and increase your exposure without lifting a finger.

Here’s how it works:

  • Customers can use “credits” to shop on OpenSky. These can either be earned or given during our high-traffic promotions called Credit Events.
  • By opting in to the Credit Rewards Program, you’ll automatically be promoted during Credit Events, and customers will be able to take a certain percentage off your products (20%-70%) using their credits.
  • You can set your credit level by choosing your desired percentage. (You can change this credit limit at any time.)

Remember, only enrolled merchants can take advantage of Credit Events and you can opt out at any time.

Posts: Your Most Powerful (& Free!) Marketing Tool

Have you Posted lately? If not, you may be missing out on your most powerful—and free—marketing tool.

  • Posts are simple communications that are fast, free and easy to create.
  • Posts broadcast across your followers’ feeds on OpenSky and social channels.
  • You instantly increase your sales potential when you post.
  • Emails triggered to OpenSky shoppers from Posts are twice as good at driving sales than general marketing emails because messages are tailored to each shopper.

Learn more about Posts here.

Posts with a Punch: Best Practices

  • Post about your best and most popular products.
  • Create best-selling Posts by including beautiful imagery and limited-time promos.
  • It’s OK, talk about yourself! Include product-related tips and inspiration, and behind-the-scenes features such as tours of your space.

Want some easy examples to get you started? Get inspiration here.

All Hail the #Hashtag: Increase Your Posting Power

  • Hashtags are an easy addition to your Posts and automatically link to other content that has the same hashtag.
  • By adding hashtags to all your Posts, you make them more discoverable to shoppers browsing trending hashtags.

Cash in on trending hashtags by familiarizing yourself with hashtags that sell.

Ready to get started? Put together a weekly schedule of Posts (just remember to post properly and keep the content fresh for your customers), and get going on an easy (and fun!) way to get the word out about your amazing products and story.

You can always refer to these helpful tutorials for everything you need to know about posting. As we head into the holiday season (yes, it’s still hot out but it’s time to start preparing), you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the promotional tools that will come in handy during the height of the shopping season.

Best Practices: A Week of Posts

Use OpenSky to organize and coordinate posts across your social networks. Posting good content on a regular basis keeps your followers engaged in your business.

A Week of Posts

Plan your week to include a mix of posts that sell ($) and posts that engage to build your brand (+).

Monday – Post a promotion ($)

Promotions are exciting and reward members’ loyalty. Start with a new photo or video of your product. Experiment with discounts, free shipping, or both. Create urgency by reminding them of time limits.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, expand your repertoire to include a mix of limited supplies, free inserts, gift wrapping, and customizations.


Tuesday – Post a reminder ($)

Most purchases happen at the beginning and end of a promotion. Remind your followers when time is running out, so procrastinators don’t miss out on the chance to shop with you. Cross-post to your other social networks to bring new followers to your OpenSky.


Wednesday – Engage with your community (+)

Show your fans that they make a difference. Thank followers for helping you reach important milestones. Ask for – and reply to – feedback and suggestions. Ask followers to help by tweeting, posting, and sharing your store.


Thursday – Offer help and tips (+)

Post a recipe. Use video to share styling tips or create a look. Explain how to simplify your products’ care and maintenance. Suggest new uses and pairings. Share your passion.


Friday – Give an inside look (+)

Share an authentic peek behind the curtain, so your fans can see the elves at work. Showcase your people. Name names. What does your workspace look like? Your process?


Saturday – Spotlight a product ($)

Post a new photo and remind shoppers of an overlooked gem, a fan favorite, or a seasonal special. Bundle your products into new listings. Describe special features and details. Use hashtags so more people can discover you on OpenSky as well as other social networks.


Sunday – Share inspiration (+)

Post a quotation or inspiring image related to your brand. Tell us what gets you up in the morning. Remember the big picture. Have fun.


Along the way –  Message your fans ($, +)

Your greatest asset is a personal connection. Reply to comments. Welcome new followers and merchants. Have public conversations and encourage participation. Use @name mentions to directly connect with people.


OpenSky for iOS & Android. Manage Your OpenSky On-The-Go.

Get connected to OpenSky when you’re on the go.  With the launch of OpenSky’s new App for Android, along with updates to the iOS app last week, you can now keep up with your OpenSky on the go – whether it be on iPhone, an iPad or an Android powered device.

Here’s a run down of the OpenSky Apps. Click to download if you don’t already have them installed!

iOS: iPhone & iPad App



Click to download.

Key Features for Merchants

  • Post On-The-Go. Share with your followers by posting on-the-go with OpenSky’s iOS Apps (note: broadcasting posts to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is not currently supported by the iOS app; for that functionality, please post from our mobile site,
  • Push Notifications, Respond to Customers, in Real-Time. Once the App is installed, you’ll begin to receive push notifications so you can get real time updates on your OpenSky business. The moment a potential customers follows, loves, comments or orders, you’ll get an alert and be able to jump into OpenSky to engage with them. Read more about Notifications here.
  • Merchant Toolkit via iPad. Manage your business via OpenSky’s iPad App.  Visit your Dashboard, make posts, add new products, updated your account, and access your orders. (note: the Merchant Toolkit is not currently available for iPhone – it’s tough to fit all the info into that tiny screen!)




Click to download.

Key Features for Merchants

The first version of OpenSky’s Android App launched last week, which means it’s our initial basic, beta version. To start, Merchants with Android devices will enjoy regular browse functionality, Commenting and Push Notifications.

  • Commets On-The-Go. Use the App to post comments – share with your followers or respond to questions from the community.
  • Push Notifications. Once you have the App installed, you’ll begin to receive push notifications so you can get real time updates on your OpenSky business. The moment a potential customers follows, loves, comments or orders you’ll be able to jump into OpenSky and engage with them.  Read more about Notifications here.

The Rundown: Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday & Cyber Monday

We’re in the home stretch.  Only a few more days until the holiday shopping weekend kicks off.  Here’s a rundown of each day on OpenSky- including official hashtags, suggested hashtags and email schedules. We’ve also included a few helpful links that you can reference to make sure the posts you’re creating and broadcasting are effective.


Thanksgiving, Thursday, Nov 28

Suggested Hashtags: #givethanks, #shopforacause, #thanksgiving
Member Email: 12am ET
Member Email: 1pm ET
Rewards Members receive Free Shipping at 11pm ET

Black Friday, Nov 29

Official Hashtag: #blackfriday
Suggested Hashtags: #sale, #doorbuster, #shopforacause, #BOGO, #freeshipping, #limitedquantity
Member Email: 12am ET
Member Email: 12pm ET
Member Email: 8pm ET
Rewards Program Free Shipping expires at 12pm ET
Twitter Small Business Blog: #BlackFriday & #CyberMonday Shoppers on Twitter

Small Business Saturday, Nov 30

Official Hashtag: #shopsmall
Suggested Hashtags: #opensky #community #smallbizsat, #smallbusiness
Member Email: 12am ET
Member Email: 1pm ET
Member Email: 8pm ET
Download Twitter’s Small Business Saturday ToolKit
Get $100 in Ad Credits from Twitter
Download Small Business Saturday Resources provided by American Express
5 Tips for Using Facebook on Small Business Saturday
Tip: Today’s the day to email your contacts and thank them for supporting your business over the year.

Sunday, December 1

Member Email + Rewards members receive credit: 12am ET
Member Email: 1pm ET
Member Email + Rewards members receive Free Shipping: 11 pm ET

Cyber Monday

Official Hashtag: #cybermonday
Suggested Hashtags: #dealoftheday #doorbuster #sale
Member Email + Rewards members receive Credit & Free Shipping: 12AM
Member Email: 12pm ET
Member Email: 8pm: 4 Hours Left to Shop
*Rewards Credits expire: 11:59pm ET
Twitter Small Business Blog: #BlackFriday & #CyberMonday Shoppers on Twitter

And if you have some great advice for selling over the weekend  please share some of your own tips and tricks for the rest of the Community to benefit from!

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New Feature: Customer Messaging

Customer Messaging

Interacting with members is a key factor in your success as a merchant on OpenSky. By using the new Customer Messaging Tool, you can now email customers after they place an order to ensure a thrilling shopping experience.

This feature allows you to get in touch with Shoppers when you have important information that you need to communicate.  Here are some common instances where the tool could be a big help:

  • If there is a short delay on your shipment (i.e. less than a week), you may want to update your customer on the shipping status of their order.
  • If you run out of stock of a particular item, you may want to offer the customer a different item instead or if they prefer to cancel the order entirely
  • Sometimes a customer incorrectly enters their address; if you notice this, you can quickly message the customer to resolve the problem.
  • If you offer customized products, you may want to ask a customer for more details on the customization they requested.
  • Thank your customer for their order! Use this feature to send a personalized note to a customer thanking them for supporting your business.

How it works

On your orders page, simply expand an order and click the “Email Customer” Button found right underneath the customer’s shipping details.


Now customize the message you’d like to send to your Customer. You can customize the subject line, message text and sender email address.  When you’re all set, click ‘Send’ and message your customer!   And remember, responses from your Customer will be delivered to the email address you specify in the form.


Introducing #hashtags

Use hashtags in your posts to get your products discovered. On OpenSky and other networks, more people are creating – and clicking on – hashtags to link their posts to categories. Leverage this trend to give your posts more exposure and increase sales.

What is a hashtag?

  • Hashtags are words that begin with the # symbol, like #jewelry or #sale
  • To create a new hashtag, click to add a ‘New Post’ at the top of your Dashboard or Feed, and include one or more hashtags in the comment section.
Post a Promotion
Click to view a great posting a few different hashtags.

Linking Hashtags

  • We’ll automatically link posts & products that share the same hashtag.
  • We’re beginning to display trending hashtags to shoppers, to help more people find you.
  • They also work on Facebook & Twitter, so share your posts!





Free Shipping – Today Through Sunday

We’re offering Free Shipping  to OpenSky members TODAY, Thursday, August 22nd through Sunday, August 25th!

  • How does it work?  All products offered by merchants participating in this program will be marked as Free Shipping during this time period and members will enjoy this great incentive!  Remember, during this period the merchant is responsible for the shipping cost if you are opted into the program.  It’s a great sales driver, so we encourage you to participate!
  • How do I participate?  To opt in, simply go into your merchant dashboard and click “Account” and then “Details.”  Scroll down to Promotional Settings and check the Free Shipping program box if you would like to participate

This Week’s Merchant Newsletter: 8/21

Dear Merchants,

I hope everyone is having a great week.  We’re so excited about how all of our amazing merchants are making the most of their OpenSky experience!  It’s time to make sure that your store is as successful as possible and that tons of people are seeing your incredible creations.  Here are the week’s updates:

  • We Want to Hear From You – We’re always working to make the OpenSky experience the best possible one for our merchants, so we have a few questions we’d like to ask
    • Help Us Help You- MERCHANT QUESTIONNAIRE:  We’re looking to identify merchants for incredible PR opportunities, so fill our questionnaire so we have all of the information we need to make sure you’re included when these valuable opportunities arise
    • It’s Quick and Easy: Click here to complete our simple quick questionnaire
  • NEW Merchant Blog – That’s right, we’ve created a new blog to keep you up to date on all things on OpenSky Marketplace
    • Take Advantage:  We’ll be posting daily in this blog with the latest updates in the merchant community on OpenSky.  Be sure to check in for vital updates.  Also, bookmark the address and link for daily reference.  It’s all for you!
    • Find it here: 
  • Community Events – We’re here to help, so take advantage of our weekly merchant outreach events
    • OpenOffice – Thursday, August 22nd  – 4-6PM at our NYC offices (18 West 18th St., btw 5th and 6th Aves., 9th Floor) RSVP:
    • OpenDiscussion: Friday, August 23rd at 12PM EST.  Dial 559-726-1200 and enter access code 106158.  Learn key tips on how to grow your business on OpenSky
    • OpenHouse:  Our monthly OpenHouse will be Tuesday, September 10th at our global headquarters here in New York.  Please make plans to join us at 6PM, 18 West 18th St., btw 5th and 6th Aves., 9th Floor.  Sign up here to join us!
  •  Programming – We’ll be offering Free Shipping from Thursday, August 22nd thru Sunday, August 25th
    • How does it work?  All products offered by merchants participating in this program will be marked as Free Shipping during this time period and members will enjoy this great incentive!  Remember, during this period the merchant is responsible for the shipping cost if you are opted into the program.  It’s a great sales driver, so we encourage you to participate!
    • How do I participate?  To opt in, simply go into your merchant dashboard and click “Account” and then “Details.”  Scroll down to Promotional Settings and check the Free Shipping program box if you would like to participate

Finally, if you haven’t taken a look at the awesome video we created on how to grow your business on OpenSky, please check it out here.  It’s full of all the information you need to make your store as successful as possible.   Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any needs at

Have an amazing week!

My best,

Will Hunt

Did You Know That Posting to Your Feed Increases Your Sales?

It’s a proven fact.  Posting content to your feed – promotional or anecdotal – will increase your sales.  Merchants posting actively to their Followers in their feed sell SIX TIMES more than merchants that don’t post.  Also, are you following other merchants?  You should!  It increases your visibility and will help you gain more Followers.


Check out this post today from Bag the Habit:

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 6.49.48 PM