What One Man’s Learned in 15 Years of Selling Online, Part 1

years-of-wisdom-osWhen we met Drew Friedman in 2006, he’d already been a successful eBay seller since before the turn of the century. Friedman, the president of White Mountain Trading Company, buys and sells Mount Blanc specialty pens and other high-end merchandise.

His background of more than 20 years in business was a help when he started his e-commerce business, but as anyone who’s been doing this for such a long time knows, that didn’t mean there weren’t challenges, changes and plenty of turns in the road in his journey.

Sales background starts merchant off right

Schepp: What did you do before you got into e-commerce, and how does that experience help you as an online merchant today?

Friedman: I was the national sales manager for a manufacturing firm traveling all over Canada and the U.S. When hired in 1998, I was charged with figuring out how the Internet and e-commerce were going to help increase our sales and decrease our selling costs.

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Merchant Spotlight: Amelia’s Expressions

Linda Funk, the owner of Amelia’s Expressions, wanted to be an entrepreneur. Already working in in direct sales through Pampered Chef, she felt frustrated by running a business that wasn’t really her own.

“I wanted something unique,” she says. Having had a long interest in jewelry, Funk decided to explore a line of personalized jewelry. Once she decided what she’d like to sell, she put her research skills to the test.

“I searched the Web to find information about things I could make,” she says.

As Funk found interesting pieces, she tested them on social media. Soon her Facebook friends began to ask where they could get the pieces and how much they cost. And so her business was off. Funk opened her business first on Etsy in February 2013. That November she opened a store on OpenSky.

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