Twitter Buy Now: Turn Your Followers into Buyers

Twitter Buy Now ProgramExpand Your Reach & Allow Shoppers to Buy Directly from Your Tweets

Through our integration with Twitter’s Buy Now program, shoppers can discover and buy your products directly from your tweets.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, tweet!

Selling your products on Twitter allows you to easily distribute your products on a whole new platform. Instead of simply promoting or talking about your products on Twitter, you can now eliminate an extra step for your customers by allowing them to immediately buy your products from your tweets with just a couple taps.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a Post on OpenSky to share your product and/or promotion.
  2. Share that Post on Twitter with 1 click.
  3. Your followers buy your product right on Twitter.
  4. You manage the order on OpenSky and ship your product.

It’s that simple!

If you haven’t given this a try, email us at to learn more.

Happy tweeting!

OpenSky for iOS & Android. Manage Your OpenSky On-The-Go.

Get connected to OpenSky when you’re on the go.  With the launch of OpenSky’s new App for Android, along with updates to the iOS app last week, you can now keep up with your OpenSky on the go – whether it be on iPhone, an iPad or an Android powered device.

Here’s a run down of the OpenSky Apps. Click to download if you don’t already have them installed!

iOS: iPhone & iPad App



Click to download.

Key Features for Merchants

  • Post On-The-Go. Share with your followers by posting on-the-go with OpenSky’s iOS Apps (note: broadcasting posts to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is not currently supported by the iOS app; for that functionality, please post from our mobile site,
  • Push Notifications, Respond to Customers, in Real-Time. Once the App is installed, you’ll begin to receive push notifications so you can get real time updates on your OpenSky business. The moment a potential customers follows, loves, comments or orders, you’ll get an alert and be able to jump into OpenSky to engage with them. Read more about Notifications here.
  • Merchant Toolkit via iPad. Manage your business via OpenSky’s iPad App.  Visit your Dashboard, make posts, add new products, updated your account, and access your orders. (note: the Merchant Toolkit is not currently available for iPhone – it’s tough to fit all the info into that tiny screen!)




Click to download.

Key Features for Merchants

The first version of OpenSky’s Android App launched last week, which means it’s our initial basic, beta version. To start, Merchants with Android devices will enjoy regular browse functionality, Commenting and Push Notifications.

  • Commets On-The-Go. Use the App to post comments – share with your followers or respond to questions from the community.
  • Push Notifications. Once you have the App installed, you’ll begin to receive push notifications so you can get real time updates on your OpenSky business. The moment a potential customers follows, loves, comments or orders you’ll be able to jump into OpenSky and engage with them.  Read more about Notifications here.

Introducing #hashtags

Use hashtags in your posts to get your products discovered. On OpenSky and other networks, more people are creating – and clicking on – hashtags to link their posts to categories. Leverage this trend to give your posts more exposure and increase sales.

What is a hashtag?

  • Hashtags are words that begin with the # symbol, like #jewelry or #sale
  • To create a new hashtag, click to add a ‘New Post’ at the top of your Dashboard or Feed, and include one or more hashtags in the comment section.
Post a Promotion
Click to view a great posting a few different hashtags.

Linking Hashtags

  • We’ll automatically link posts & products that share the same hashtag.
  • We’re beginning to display trending hashtags to shoppers, to help more people find you.
  • They also work on Facebook & Twitter, so share your posts!